Super Rocker CERAMIC / D.C. =15K

A rich, high output Humbucker, more powerful than the 6 Shooter PAF but less than the Grinder pickup.

Great for Rock and other medium gain tones. 

Can be put in the bridge position and used in conjunction with one of the 6 shooter PAF's in the neck position. 

Comes with 4 core cable so that it can easily be coil tapped for single coil tones if required. 

Complete with wiring diagram, mounting ring, screws and springs.

Pole Piece Spacing   

ProductsOur Price
Open Black Bobbin49.95€
Open Cream Bobbin49.95€
Open White Bobbin49.95€
Open Zebra Bobbin49.95€
Chrome Cover59.95€
Nickel Cover59.95€
Gold Cover69.95€
Closed Black Plastic Cover49.95€

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